Gary Burris

Gary began playing the guitar at 15 under the guidance of Ira Magginnis and within nine months he
was playing in a garage band. Growing up in a small farming community in Indiana, his first paying
gig was with a local cover band called Physical Labor. After some time in the local music scene he
joined the US Air Force and
was stationed at Fairchild AFB
in Spokane Washington. While
there he and a couple of friends
started a Christian rock group
called, Front Runner.
Later stationed in Alaska, Gary
participated as one of 9000
entries in an Air Force talent
contest performing a solo piece
by; Rick Emmitt, Mid-summers
Daydream. He placed in the
top 600 but missed the finals.

By now an accomplished
musician, he relocated to
Montana and worked in a small
music store in Great Falls.
While there his new band was
asked to open for Fog Hat and
shortly  afterward formed a
heavy metal Christian Rock
group, Crimson Tears.
They were on the radar of Dino
and John Elephante with a
demo but his Air Force
commitments kept him from
pursuing his music career at
that time.

After leaving the service and
returning home his newest
venture with the group
Hammock, caught the ear of
Izzy Stradilin of Guns and
Roses. At that time his six year
old daughter Cassandra  was
diagnosed with bone cancer
and he left the music scene to
care full time for his child.

When she recovered Gary
began writing his solo
instrumental music and
released The Cool Beyond CD
locally in the Spokane WA area.
with the help of his friend Lance Reothle, percussionist.

He and John Crafton met in cyberspace on a site that was
then available to musicians from all over the world called
Mixposure. A year and a half from their meeting, Gary
decided that he was ready to make a full time commitment
to his music.

We are delighted to present his latest effort, Staying The
Course, with the support of the Soft Wind Label. It is a
selection of acoustic guitar based tracks that inspire
relaxation, thoughtfulness, and bring the listener the joy of
the instrument played with sensitivity and skill.

We welcome Gary to the Soft Wind Family with great
pleasure and know his music will provide many pleasant
hours of enjoyment to our listeners.

The CD will be released in June of 08 and we look forward
to it's success. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have
enjoyed bringing it to you.
Where Eagles Soar